English club website

Everything for learners and teachers of English, especially as a foreign language. Lessons, lesson plans, forums, chat, ESL games and quizzes, jobs for teachers, training and more.

Source: www.englishclub.comb

Information: Registered  in Cambridge, England in 1997 and hosted in the UK. A google search for “englishclub.com” gets almost 144,000 results and at the time of posting the website is globally ranked by alexa.com at 15,000.

Englishclub claims to be the world’s première free website for learners and teachers of English. That is a big claim. As I have said before there are thousands of great websites for learning English. What rates as the best or even good is difficult to say. It depends on the users requirements and personal preferences. Englishclub is however currently up there in my personal top ten.

Englishclub does rank high on search engines. I have found the site very useful in the past when looking for resources for teaching and for my students for self access. The site is easy to browse and has clear menus and navigation. The content and descriptions are clear and easy to read.

If you are looking for a stepped approach to learning or controlled practice exercises there isn’t much. There are some great quizzes though which can really help to test your understanding especially in the grammar sections.

I like this website a lot. It is very useful and easy to use to find the content you need. The site is present in all the major social sites including Facebook and google plus and has its own social members section with forum, groups, Skype meets and much more.