The free game where you try to guess how Google autocompletes popular searches.


A¬†great game from Google, using it’s search term auto-complete function. Choose from the categories culture, people, names and questions and you will be shown an incomplete search query. You have to suggest how the phrases would be completed. There are ten possible answers from the most popular to the tenth most¬†popular. You are allowed three incorrect attempts to guess as many as you can.

Some of the incomplete queries will be very difficult for some. If you really have no idea then don’t waste time wracking your brain, just enter three incorrect answers and move on to the next round. The good thing about Google Feud for English learners is guessing the correct part of speech or word form to complete the sentence.

I must admit I got quite hooked on this game today. I didn’t fare particularly well on some of the queries, but I did learn a thing or two.