Source: “Ok Google” voice search & actions – Search Help

The internet is overflowing with websites to help you learn English. You can find amazing resources to help you learn grammar and vocabulary. There are also endless ways to improve your receptive skills of listening and reading online. The productive skills of writing can also be practiced in chat rooms and in forums.

So what about speaking skills? Using your English productively by speaking is essential if you are ever going to reach any level of fluency. Of course the best way to do this is to speak with a native. There are plenty of private tutors online such as teacher Sean at englishteacher.direct . You can also join video or voice chat on this website and many others.

Some of my own students have asked me how they can practice speaking certain phrases or words online. They are often too shy to speak with others or feel they are not ready to converse and just want to practice those individual words or phrases. This is where speech recognition or voice to text technology comes in.

Rosetta stone is at the forefront of speech recognition for language learners, but there services come at a price. Completely free however is Google’s speech to text called “OK Google”. Many modern devices come with Google voice technology built-in. If not you can just download the app for android or IOS. If you are on a PC then you can use the Google Chrome Browser.

Practicing English words and phrases with voice recognition technology can be fun, but it can also be a bit frustrating. The technology has come a long way, but sometimes it just won’t recognize what you are saying. Try to speak slowly and try to make those vowel sounds extra clear. You should also be aware the Google does auto-correct. So some of the words you speak may throw up some surprising results.